Better days…

When you’re feeling sad and lonely,
When the world is hostile place;
You should know this one thing only:
soon you’ll see much better days.

Nothing bad can last forever.
Good is always on the way.
Like the sun in rainy weather
it will show if you can wait…


Now I dine with the Gods

Aww, the powers I possess –
You have no idea!
They evolve and I progress,
I can feel it here!

I can kill with just a glance,
I can melt the iron!
I was not given a chance –
Now you’ll die in Fire!

My mind can shift the objects,
And I can read your thoughts…
Recently a science project –
Now I dine with the Gods!

Father and girl

My sweetest dear,
The fruit of my loins,
Wherever are you going?
What are you doing?
Letting stupid boys in?
Reckless and cruel…

My dearest child,
You know what they want,
Solely reason to haunt you –
To get in your pants.
If not all… a lot!
With their filthy hands…

My only one,
Be careful, demanding
Learn how to know
Which one true man is!

Your soul is white and pure

Your soul is white and pure…
All broken hearts it cures.
Your heart is mild and warm…
Your eyes – as light as dawn!
Your palms – so soft as leaves!
Your smile…
I can’t believe
How sweet, how cute, how nice!
It always comes as a surprise
How you can be so innocent
And yet – so wise!

Queen of Blades 2 (StarCraft II)

I am the Swarm!
My armies will spawn
Your world!
I am the Swarm!
Billions of minions
At the tip
Of my psychonic word…
Just a sip –
I can taste your blood…
My armies like floods
Will fill your streets
Will kill your teechs
And resoc marines
They will destroy your fleets
Your buildings will burn
For I have returned
And at last on this world
Vengeance shall be mine
This is my time
The memory of what you did
Will never fade
I close my lids
And I am the Queen of Blades!

From A to Z

Ah, how beautiful you are!
One look will warm the heart,
One touch ignites a fire,
One kiss will take me higher.

You are so pretty… like a doll.
I want to eat you whole.
You are so witty… and so cool.
For you, I play a fool.

You are my A and Z.
The best I’ve ever had!

Why are you so sad?

My sweetheart, why are you so sad,
Why are you crying?
I’d do anything to make you glad,
And won’t stop trying!

I will drain your tears, my dear,
I will take your fears, right here –
Inside my soul, I’ll take it all
And leave you smiling
You will forgive, I sincerely believe
My innocent beguiling…