Better days…

When you’re feeling sad and lonely,
When the world is hostile place;
You should know this one thing only:
soon you’ll see much better days.

Nothing bad can last forever.
Good is always on the way.
Like the sun in rainy weather
it will show if you can wait…

What is your type?

Every person spends most of his or her life searching for their significant other. But as it turns out, their choice is predefined by pure numbers. Let’s conduct a mind experiment. You are walking down the street and people are coming at you. What people from the other gender do you notice? Which ones do you find attractive? It all depends on numbers. First – height: it may be very important for some people (for example, tall people usually don’t like short ones and vice versa) or it could be not as important – usually people on the average height choose mates of any size; second – hue: of the eyes, hair and complexion. And here the rule of similarities also counts, but there are exceptions, for example interracial relationships. Hue is also carried by numbers – there are two metric systems for hue – the one used in drawing and the one in television and computers (RGB).

But most important is the ratio. The proportions of the limbs, the shoulders, the hips and the breasts to the rest and to each other – they are truly what counts when you are searching for a mate. They are input in us and we cannot escape them, because doing so would be betrayal on our nature. Weight is something more than a number; it shows a lot about a person and can easily throw us into someone’s waiting arms.

But there are other factors which are not less important. All people wear clothes, they have hairstyles, make-up; things that express their inner selves and interests – these are all shapes and colours and combinations of them, which can also be represented by numbers. Moreover, voice plays a significant role in liking someone. And voice is essentially waves of different length – which is, again, pure maths. And last, but not least – the proportions of the face.

Let me give you one example. Why do characters in anime have large eyes? Because we, as species, are predetermined to like big eyes, they are symbol of honesty and purity and we instinctively sympathize to them.

So don’t dismiss facial ratio. It can make you really fall in love. It is most important to like the face of your mate, because that is what you see everyday, what you kiss and caress. So the next time you kiss your spouse or intimate friend, remember, it was numbers what brought you together.

Sex female

kiss me on the lips
caress my hair
yes right there
there and everywhere
touch me slowly
slake me whole
lose control
come on boldly
eat me wholly
undress me
caress me
first the shirt
now the skirt
go inside me
now go out
and in again
use your hands
touch me roughly
ohh how lovely
feel my fire
take me higher
oh dear lord
last accords
of our song
it wasn’t long
but ohh how strong
now lay on my breast
you are the best


I’m sixteen in a crazy world
I am wild, alive and free
Don’t patronize me: “Little girl…”
just let me live and laugh and be.

I want to kiss and smoke and drink
sometimes more than I can handle
It doesn’t matter what you think
if you wish – go light a candle

A candle for my soul that’s lost
in the sin against you preach
but I have known how much it cost
just do it – only thing to teach.

Christmas tale

Look outside – it’s snowing
The sky is bright and glowing
The ground is clean and white
Come on go hide,
Come on go hide…

The streets are hard and frozen
The gifts – already chosen…
Many families are binding.
I’m gonna find you,
I’m gonna find you…

I am searching everywhere
I am hurting
‘Tis not fair

I give up but you’re not showing
And it’s snowing, snowing, snowing…

Now that Christmas time has gone
And our lives have carried on
Our little game has finished
But I couldn’t find you in it
It may be sad but that is life –
A game, a puzzle and a strife.

Candy shop

My soul is like a candy store
open 24/7
You will try a candy
have you had any before

they taste like heaven.

My soul is like a candy shop
that never closes
Once you try one
you will never wanna stop

everybody knows this.

My soul is like a candy spree
come on by
the first one is for free…


in the deepest darkness of my heart
where the angels and the demons play
thoughts and feelings come and then depart
they fill me but silent yet I stay…

whereas the deep blue of my soul
is open everyday for you to see
I cannot stop you can’t say no
you wish you ask and that is me